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How to Move Your Piano Up Or Down Stairs

move your piano

If you have a piano sitting in your basement, a move your piano yourself is an option. Doing it on your own can save you a lot of money as well as hassle. While hiring professional piano movers may seem unnecessary, it makes your piano move a lot easier and ensures that your precious piano safely gets to its new destination. Furthermore, you will no longer have to stress rounding up enough family members or finding the proper tools. Just load up your belongings and take off on your adventure. There are a few essential tips to follow when moving a piano.

As with any move, you must ensure that all of your possessions are moved in one trip. While trucks can make long distance moves a lot easier, they do make them a lot harder. Pianos are heavier than other items and are not really portable on their own. For this kind of long distance moves, renting trucks are a great option. Many rental companies have mobile piano trucks that you can load and drive to your destination.

Before arranging to have someone move your piano, ask around and get referrals. Friends and family members will likely know someone who has experience moving pianos. The two most common ways to move a piano are up stairs or down stairs. Uphill moves are usually best attempted by experts. However, some homeowners like to tackle uphill moves on their own. They should first be sure that their piano is strong enough to handle the move and the weight of the extra equipment.

The type of equipment you use will depend largely on the steps you will be taking. Most pianos are sold with a horizontal and vertical cradle that can be removed for easier storage. Most movers will supply a piano onto a horizontal cradle, but it might be necessary to obtain a dolly to move your piano onto. A four-wheeled dolly is the most recommended dolly for moving pianos, since it is sturdy and can be wheeled across the room without much strain. A horizontal cradle can be difficult for a wheelchair to wheel safely around.

If you have a grand piano that weighs more than twenty pounds, it is highly unlikely that a dolly will fit. For these heavy piano moved, a professional is recommended, as well as several professional movers in the area. Grand piano moving straps are available from many moving companies, but you may want to invest in some special “moving straps” to ensure the safety of your piano. Some of these “moving straps” are made of nylon webbing, which provide extra security during transportation.

The next question is how long you will be driving your truck. Moving long-distance generally takes longer than short moves. You should plan to spend a couple of days driving to your new home. It is best to allow at least a full day to move your piano to its new location. Many upright pianos are extremely fragile and must be moved slowly and carefully. Pianos with longer moving ranges, such as twenty-five or thirty-two thousand moving parts, need to be prepared for the journey by having them disassembled, photographed, and marked with specific places so they can be organized during transport.

One more important question to ask when considering moving a piano up stairs or down a staircase is, “How will I get it to my new destination?” Is there a large ramp just for transporting your instrument? How will the movers disassemble the instrument, and if necessary, will they put it inside a vehicle for transporting?

When considering how to move a piano up or down stairs or aisles, do-it-yourself enthusiasts should refrain from using their own power tools to move the antique or classical pianos. Professional movers specialize in moving pianos and other antique or vintage instruments because they have the tools, skills, equipment, and insurance required to safely move these fragile pieces. When you want to move your piano, hire a professional moving company to guarantee your belongings, provide expert service, and protect your investment.